RPGaDay (Day 11)

Favourite RPG Writer

Reading theough yesterdays various responses, it seems that a favourite RPG publisher was a fairly controversial topic. Today's is no different.

Yesterday a lot of the people I read were basically saying that they loved a lot of small press, and they had friends in the industry producing their own games, so trying to pick one friend over another was unfair. Some thought outside the box by choosing a particular historical period when a specific publisher was "in the zone", others took my route and gave a few options, explaining why in the process.

For today, I honestly have no answer. Who is a good writer? Who is a good editor? Who is a good line developer maintaining consistency across a product?

I don't get caught up in the personality culture of the +Monte Cook's, the +Vincent Baker's, the +John Harper's, the +Mark Rein-Hagen's, the +Steve Jackson's, the +Robin Laws'... I don't go out of my to buy their products just because their names are on something.

Don't get me wrong, I'll buy a good product if it's a good product, and I've got stuff from each of these people on my shelves. But I prefer my media to speak for itself, and to offer me something to work with once I get it into my hands. I don't have anything from +Zak Smith, but again that doesn't mean I've got a prejudice against him, it just means nothing particular has pushed me to acquire one of the works he has been involved in. I don't have D&D 5 or Red and Pleasant Land, but there are ideas in those products that interest me.


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