29 August, 2015

RPGaDay (Day 29)

Favorite RPG website/blog

Probably G+.

I'm a part of a few awesome game design communities there, as well as RPG artist communities, cartography communities, communities dedicated to specific games, communities for (reasonably) local gamers. Every time I wake up (and often three or for more times through the day), I can log onto G+ and see a new range of inspirations, see people excited for new gaming products, find new artists and new art from artists I already knew. It may not be a dedicated RPG social network, but I've tailored my streams and circles in such a way that it is for me.

Once I would have said 1km1kt, the regulars over there are a great bunch of guys. But they've been pretty quiet lately.

The only other RPG site that I regularly visit is my online store profile on RPGNow/DrivethruRPG, which gets checked maybe twice a week.
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