26 April, 2018

Diary Twists (..but need more)

The first part of Apocalypse Diaries is based on the typical teen soap opera that was prevalent on the TV channel CW, before all the DC superhero shows became popular. I guess those types follows are probably still screened, but they aren't really the kind of thing that keeps my interest for long. I've always found these shows more interesting when they get to they end of their run are are filled with stupid stuff to try and lure back the ratings. The bit between the shark jump and the inevitable axing.

That's where these twisting storylines come from. Some are typical soap opera or teen drama fodder, some are a bit more extreme... they'll get more extreme as either time goes on or the apocalypse crashes across the world. The question is which events will be more chaotic, hopefully both will be good fodder for stories.

I need more of these. Currently I'm thinking that there will be a playbooks depicting different types of characters, with 13 common story twists, and 13 twists for each of the playbooks. (forget about the game effects on these for the moment, they're subject to change)

Current Listing

  • The least prominent character in your list becomes more significant in some way (do they owe you a favour, or do you owe them?)
  • The most prominent character in your list reveals something that turns them from a friend to an enemy (or vice versa) until a certain situation resolves
  • A random character on your list is unable to be contacted (they are in jeopardy for +7 days)
  • A random character on your list is also present in today’s incident (if this means there are two characters present, they are fighting over something…pick a side)
  • Something is happening at the most prominent place in your list, if you are somewhere else you hear about it. If a location wasn’t specified, you are there.
  • Something is happening to a random person in your list, if you are with someone else, you hear about it from them. If a person wasn’t specified, you are with them.
  • A random place on your list has been shut down, it is in jeopardy for +7 days (if it hasn’t been mentioned in the past 7 days, it is permanently closed until the next epic success) 
  • The most prominent character in jeopardy needs your help, they will be removed from play if you fail (if none in jeopardy, the least prominent character on your list is now in jeopardy for +7 days)
  • The police are asking about the last character you mentioned, they are in jeopardy for +7 days (if they are your most prominent character, they also want to talk to you about your most prominent trait)
  • You discuss one of your goals with the most character from your list, can they help you? (if you have already discussed this goal with them and they can’t help, choose another goal. If it has been established that they can help, you get a step closer to your goal)
  • You will need to use your highest status to help the character in this scene out of a situation (the character will owe you a favour after this).
  • You will need to call on a favour from a character of your choice not currently present in the scene, or your highest status is in jeopardy for 7 days
  • You hear about an illness going around, your health is in jeopardy for +7 days  
  • Rumours are spreading around, your reputation is in jeopardy for +7 days

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