24 April, 2018

#AprilTTRPGMaker 23: People who've helped you

Still waiting on that elusive help...

No, actually, there have been a few people around the design scene who've been useful contacts and friends. It's just that none of them have led to regular work in the industry, often providing plans that never eventuated, one-off commissions, or occasion feedback.

One of the driving forces in the local gaming scene, who has offered me more work through his game Relics... Steve Dee

A dynamo of energy in the Blue Mountains, who set up his own twice-annual convention and has always been supportive... Matt Horam

An owner of a comic shop in Melbourne who has offered to be the first Brick-&-mortar store to sell my gaming products (I really need to get back to him about that)... Jim Vinton

An assortment of game design locals who I've met and have discussed game related things with on several occasions... Jez Gordon, Benjamin Davis, Nathan Roberts, Keiran Sparksman, Nathan Russell, Andrew Smith

One of the driving forces behind the free gaming website 1km1kt, and who was always supportive as I started developing my own games publicly... Rob Lang

The Norwegians who were willing to stop at my house for Kangaroo steak and to share a game night... Matthijs Holter, Ole-Peder Giaever, (and I'm sorry but I can't remember our third visitor that night)

The people around the world who I've never met, but who I interact with regularly here on G+... (in no particular order)... Emmett O'Brian, Tore Neilsen, Fern Kali, Ian Borchardt, Sandy J-T, Tony Demetriou, Gremlin Legions (Michael Wight), Eva Schiffer, Matt Widmann, Craig Vial, Gennifer Bone, Justin Halliday, Brie Sheldon, Dan Maruschak, Jaye Foster, Josh T Jordan, Keith J Davies, Kyrinn S. Eis, Kira Magrann... I'm sure there are many more I've forgotten to add at this point.

All in all, the community has been great. But there feel like so many of us struggling together to make sense of the whole thing, occasionally one or two of us might rise out of obscurity for a while, but there are so many things going on that we all seem to get drowned out in the noise.

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