16 April, 2018

#AprilTTRPGMaker 14: What are you hopes and plans?

Honestly, I've just spent five years retraining at University because my previous career was filled with psychopaths, sociopaths, and pressure to succeed at the expense of the wider community. RPG and game design was always my outlet and pressure valve. I hoped it could be a long term career, but I didn't win the fame lottery and I don't have bucketloads of cash to promote a lacklustre product, so that never got anywhere.

At the moment, my gaming endeavours are spread between LARP, miniatures, boardgaming, and traditional RPGs. I've tried fusing two or three of these elements together, but every time I'm working on a combo, some other more prominent designer or company does something similar and releases it to wide acclaim as an "innovation in the industry"...and I get demoralised and start something else.

I guess that's where a cluster of my hopes and dreams lie. I'd like to ride the zeitgeist and actually get something out there which inspires other people without being completely overshadowed by someone else.

My other big dream is currently to finish my degree, move to a rural community as a teacher and buy a property which can be semi-dedicated to LARP and gaming... with onsite accommodation designed to look like a fantasy village (or two). This would be a Mecca for the regional LARP groups capable of handling overnight and weekend events, it would also be a site for other gaming groups to come to, or even a regular convention site. We'll see how that one goes in the next few years.

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