01 April, 2018

April Question 1: Who are you?

Hi, I'm Michael.

I'm a freelance illustrator, cartographer, game designer, and LARP organiser.
I'm in my early 40s, and have been running games for 30 years, running games at conventions and designing my own games for 25 years, selling my own games for 20 years, and offering my services to other companies and designers for 10 years. 

My most downloaded game is FUBAR (which has seen about 8000 downloads from various locations), my most recent game is The Law.

When I'm not designing games, I've been a product designer, back-end database developer, retail buyer, offset printer, logistics coordinator, roller-coaster technician, and tech troubleshooter. I've been married to the same lady for almost 15 years.

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