19 April, 2018

#AprilTTRPGMaker 18: Current Inspirations

So many...in no particular order.

Mad Max
Judge Dredd
The assorted folklore of various local Indigenous groups
The ferrets we share our house with (Red Sonja, Agent Brodie, Agent Ellie Bartowski, Machete, Monroe, Rosalie, Lucifer, Mazikeen, and Chloe)
The other animals in our house (Okami, Inari, Rhubarb, and Peking)
My wife, Leah.
The animations of Ralph Bakshi
Getting magic "right" by way of John Constantine, Newt Scamander, Dr. Stephen Strange, Aleister Crowley, Taoist alchemy, and assorted indigenous folklore.

...that'll do for now.

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