06 April, 2018

#AprilTTRPGMaker 6: Favourite Game Mechanic

I've mentioned it many times over the years, but I love the concept of Vincent Baker's "Otherkind Dice", I think it was a regressive step back to the mechanisms of the Apocalypse engine. The concept of having multiple outcomes associated with a task, all determined simultaneously by the rolling of multiple dice, then allowing the player to decide which results are allocated where to direct the narrative... that's an amazing concept. Pulling it back to a linear scale of degree of success, that feels like a cop-out from someone who saw the brilliance of the sun then decided to hide back in their cave... maybe not regressing to the shadow-puppetry by firelight of Plato's cave of D&D/OSR flat linear pass-fail, but certainly not working out a way to shine that brilliance into the troglodytes.

Yes, I'm that passionate about the concept. 

Trying to tie that core mechanic into a coherent system has been an ongoing quest for several years now. 

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