27 April, 2018

#AprilTTRPGMaker 26: Blogs, Streams, Podcasts?


Actually, I erratically read a few, but most of the people I regularly follow (see the lists on the side of this blog for those names) don't post that often.

More often than not, I'll do a Google search for a specific game topic, and that will lead me to someone's blog. I'll read a few related posts, then move on.

I used to listen to Clyde Rhoer's Theory from the Closet podcast pretty religiously, and I always keep an eye out for new Core Mechanics vlogs from Paul Stefko, but generally between university work, looking after a sick wife, and trying to get my own ideas out there, I don't have much time to read or listen to other stuff.

If anyone has some good suggestions, I'm all ears.

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