30 December, 2012

Tooth and Claw Expansions??

I'm starting to really wonder whether the idea of expansion booklets for Tooth and Claw are good ideas?

There were certainly some things that I would have liked to add into the rules, but the pocketmod format meant that I could only release the essentials for play.

In some ways that's a good thing...too many rules can muddy the purity of the original concept, theuy can detract from the core vision of play. I'm pretty happy with the balance of rules that went into the game as it currently stand, but I know some groups that prefer a bit more crunch in their systems, and there could definitely be some better advice on how to create a story for these tiny heroes.

With this in mind, I'm thinking of a GMs guide for Tooth and Claw...maybe with a couple of pages about how  ferret pack dynamics work and how these can be replicated in play, perhaps a couple of pages about ferret stories and how to use fallout to drive a story forward. That's before I'd even consider looking at how other animals could be introduced into the setting.

I've even thought of names that could work for these expansion booklets...altering the names of western movies to fit the ferret theme.

A Fist Full of Ferrets
A Few Ferrets More
The Good, the Bad and the Furry
Dances with Ferrets

I don't think I need too many more than that...the whole point of this game is a simple little thing that can fit in your pocket, with rules that are easy enough for kids to pick up with ease.

"Yep, All good. No contraband in these bags. You can take them in the house now."
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