08 December, 2012

Self Referential Links and Retro-reverse Engineering

It's always nice when someone comes up with an idea incredibly close to one of your own ideas, especially when they've drawn inspiration from one of your ideas which was in turn based on the idea that they've approximately simulated.

Confused yet?

I came up with an idea a few years ago, it was posted here on the blog.

You can link to it here.

(and further here)

I played with the character matrix multiple times around this period, but just couldn't find a way for it to elegantly work when mixed with other game mechanisms.

Yet over the years it has informed a number of game ideas I've had, from early incarnations of FUBAR (which in turn inspired Walkabout, and followed on to partially morph into Ghost City Raiders), through to a variety of card games I've toyed with (some of which have also led toward Ghost City Raiders).

So I was quite intrigued when someone's thought processes led them to reverse engineer the concept somewhat with the following comment on G+ from Victor Wyatt...

"Your post spawned a thought. It's probably a little off topic but this is what struck me. For some reason it got me thinking about a two-dimensional set of character traits/stats. What if the same number meant two things? You have rows of stats and columns of stats. Where those intersect is where the related value is stored. Well, thanks for the inspiration. I will have to think on this a bit more."

It might have been a valid leap based on the ideas I've presented for the pocketmod playbooks, but it seems interesting that this leap has taken things full circle.
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