11 December, 2012

500+ posts

I noticed last months that I was approaching the 500 post mark with this blog. Certainly something I never thought I'd accomplish. I figured maybe a post a week when I first started it, and for a few months toward the beginning I didn't post much of anything. Even when I started posting regularly, it was only once or twice a week, so I thought that it would take a good five to ten years to reach this point.

I've posted about a wide variety of games, and have seen a rise of independent game design thought through to the mainstream of games. Some of this has been noted, while other developments have gone unmentioned.

I've developed a few games through interaction with blog readers, some reaching publication, others being abandoned along the way or put aside for future work. I've found some great game designers who've linked to me through this blog and through various forums, I'm still finding new designers with innovative ideas, great artists and passionate players all interested in the hobby.

Thanks for reading, let's hope the next 500 odd posts lead us toward some great new developments in the hobby.
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