24 December, 2012

Best Last Defence: A Game about Ferrets

If you're frustrated by someone else's game, sometimes you just have to write your own.

Best Last Defence is a game about what ferrets do when the big ones (the humans) aren't looking, either because they are asleep, at work, or otherwise away from their home.

It's been written to fit in Pocketmod format. I'll be making it available in the next day or two over on RPGNow at $1 per copy.  Since Leah and I are ferret rescuers for the NSW Ferret Welfare Society, half of all the proceeds will be donated to this non-profit charity group who look after ferrets who have been in homes where they have either been neglected, or homes where ferrets simply weren't suitable as pets.

It's a fun little game where you could play urban fantasy as ferrets trying to stop "sock goblins" from stealing the foot coverings of the giants who you share your house with, you could play a home alone type scenario where the ferrets are the heroes standing between burglars and the household valuables, since the game is about hiding the truth from the giant humans around you, it could be possible to play almost anything...as long as you're willing to have a bit of fun and play a ferret.
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