04 December, 2012

Really, Pocketmod Goblins??

I've had a look at my recent posts of the last couple of weeks, I've been really happy with the number of people who've been looking at my NaGa DeMon work, but one particular post has seen more traffic than any other.

I don't know if this is a factor of keyword searches, or simply because people are actually interested in the concept. But the Pocketmod Goblins post has seen more than twice as many hits as the next highest for the month...even averaging out the number of views per day shows this post with a higher view count than any of the others for the month.

So I guess that this is definitely the way I'll be proceeding once I've knocked out the full play set for Ghost City Raiders.

I've actually been thinking about the goblin play set a bit more, and seriously considering the way it would be used to enact a real time epic game combining live action and miniatures.

I've also been looking at 3D printing companies to produce suitable goblin figurines. If all goes well, we'll look at that project early in the new year. I've got a bit of 3D modelling experience, so the opportunity to build miniatures from scratch is a hard one to pass up.
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