27 December, 2012

Processing and Recycling images

Since my first Pocketmod game, Ghost City Raiders, is set in the same world as Walkabout. I'm going to use a bunch of the Walkabout illustrations that I've developed, apply some postwork to them, and use them as character illustrations in the first batch of Ghost City Raiders.

Yes, I know they're all Caucasian...hell, the majority of the illustrations in the first batch are male as well (6 to 4 among the first 10 characters). It's not deliberate, it's just that most of the gamers who offered their photos for me to use were caucasian males. I've got a backlog of illustrations to complete, including a variety of people, and with these images I'll be trying to add in a bit more ethnic diversity among the illustrations especially in some of the immediate character expansion sets.
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