19 December, 2012

Lego FU

It's always good to see when a community works together. I'm always happy to see when one local designer produces something, and when another local designer produces a fun and innovative hack for it.

Designers from the Australian roleplaying community may be spread over vast distances, but that doesn't stop co-operation. Nathan Russell on the east coast of Australia has been working on a fun system simply entitled FU, the Freeform Universal RPG. Andrew Smith (formerly from the east coast, but now on the west coast) has just released a Lego modification of the rules, Lego FU.

I've tried to download a copy of it, but my internet connection is erratic at the best of times. I haven't had the chance to thoroughly read through these works of Aussie game design, so beyond my excitement that game designers are working together, the best I can say is to have a look for yourself. See if there's any potential for your game group to exploit. (EDIT: Oh, did I mention...they're both FREE!!!)

I'll offer a full review of the FU game and the Lego FU expansion shortly.
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