10 December, 2012

Half Chance Cards

I like it when other people have good simple ideas. Especially when they offer these ideas in a way that I might be able to use them in my own projects.

Scott over on Meeplespeak has developed a great idea for a simple card mechanism that could be used to drive scene framing, or could be expanded to drive an entire game.

You basically get a card with a range of variables on it, and you flip a series of coins to see which variables are activated. I'm not going to try and describe it further, go and have a look at the link. Suffice to say, sometime you'll get a bit of detail out of a card, and sometimes you'll get a lot...and there is a simple procedure associated with them.

The cards could easily be adapted to any game or any genre; but some specific card ideas could really be used to focus a game.

I'm wondering if an idea like these cards could be integrated in one of my current projects, or if they'll just have to wait for something later.

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