30 December, 2012

Time for a Promotional Test

I've had an online shopfront at RPGNow for over two years.

It's ticked over gradually, I think that every month it's earned a bit of money, some months even earning enough to pay for groceries or cover a week of rent. These good months usually occur when I upload something new onto the site (either the month when it gets uploaded, or the following month if I upload it late).

I haven't bothered to use their site promotional tools and have just let my products sit on the site in the hope that someone might look at them. It's been a pretty lax attitude toward sales, but I've had other things on my mind. Sometimes work, sometimes study, sometimes family commitments. I'm not upset, I've actually pretty happy with how well things have sold given the lack of promotion behind them.

But I've decided to see how well the site promotion tools work.

Every month a publisher gains a set number of "Promotion Points", plus a few more based on a percentage of their sales. Naturally this means that people with higher selling products have a better opportunity to promote their products...a vicious cycle for people who aren't selling much, but that's just capitalism at work.

I've racked up enough points in my shopfront to start trying out a few of the promotional tools without making a serious dent in my point pool. So it's time to start some experiments.

I've set up the first promotions on the front page of RPGNow, using Tooth and Claw as my test subject. Since a decent chunk of the money is going to charity, and while it's selling pretty well, it seems a good time to promote the product.

I'll keep everyone informed about how it goes.
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