03 September, 2017


I've been working on some ideas...again.

One of which was kind of paralleled by a comment recently made by +Ian Borchardt. I've been thinking of a way to randomly generate sectors, tower blocks, and notable characters for games of "The Law". Generally, that's the order the generation would be done in...starting wide, putting things in context and gradually narrowing in on the details.

Part of the idea might be to allow players (or even request players) to develop the home sectors and towers that their agents come from...narrowing down on specific people might be a bit more problematic, but maybe an agent could define notable people from their floor, and maybe the adjacent floors...but sectors change over the course of decades, buildings are built and demolished in timeframes of years, and notable people rise and fall over the course of months or even weeks. By the time an agent has finished their time in the academy, the people who were once notable may be disgraced, missing, or even dead.

Once the tables are generated, I can probably program it into a series of automated algorithms, code them into a website and automatically generate the process...but for the moment we'll go old school, generating the tables, creating books detailing pre-generated towers (for predefined scenarios), half completed templates for GMs to complete during the course of exploration oriented sessions, and incomplete fragments that can be assembled by GMs who fly by the seat of their pants.

If anyone's interested in seeing the current tables, let me know. I might make them available on here on the blog for feedback.

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