29 September, 2017

Observing the Observations

This is one of those images that I look at every couple of weeks just to see if people are actually looking at the blog, and to see how much interest there is in the various topics I've covered over the years.

The other chart I look at shows which particular posts are getting the most views.
In the top 10 posts, seven are from my Map drawing tutorials. What's probably more surprising is the degree to which that number 1 post is ahead of the others, while the differences between posts 2 to 9 only steadily decrease. 

When I look at sources of traffic, recent months have seen a lot of Pinterest links, but a few other people's blogs have linked to me. So I'd like to offer a special thankyou to them, in no particular order.

Tabletop Diversions - John Yorio's blog which covers a range of topics across the gaming spectrum. 
Rab's Geekly Digest - which seems to foctus on miniatures and the warhammer range of games (rpg and otherwise) among other parts of the gaming hobby.
Stonewerks - AJ seems to have finished writing this blog in 2014, but for some reason it's still directing people my way. This blog seems to cover more in the way of geomorphs and mapping. 
The Dark Dungeon - an aggregator organised by Jaap de Goede, with over 2000 blogs on it, roughly half in English, and the majority of them game related in some way.
Blessings of the Dice Gods -  predominantly OSR related blog by Jeff Russell, where this blog is one of the "followed" blogs that isn't particularly OSR focused. 

(EDIT: How could I forget one of the biggest sources of taffic to my site for a few years now... the RPG Bloggers Network, who send a few hundred visitors each month in my direction.)

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