01 September, 2017

A little controversy

When I posted my RPGaDay2017 #31 post yesterday, I didn't think much controversial about it. I'm looking forward to the new Cyberpunk 2077 computer game, because I enjoyed The Witcher, which was produced by the same studio, and Cyberpunk 2020 is one of my all time favourite RPGs...

...then, because I like having a picture show up on my posts when they get shared, I added one of the first pictures to come up on a google search for the game. It seemed pretty stereotypical for the cyberpunk genre.

But it's a problematic picture, and if I'd thought about it more carefully, I probably would have picked another. So it wasn't a deliberate attempt to be controversial, and it's probably one of those issues where as a white-cis-male who grew up in the 80s saw images like this plastered all over the computer games and RPGs he grew up with...but it's no longer the 80s, and culturally we've all evolved since then.

It's generally a part of the two pronged approach I've taken with my current series of images... on one hand trying to add to the genre with a diversified range of images, and on the other trying to subvert the types of imagery commonly associated with the cyberpunk genre.

But watching the controversy has definitely given me new ideas for pictures to add to the mix.

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