25 September, 2017

No revision where revision is unnecessary

I was about to revise my game "Tales", but I realised that I had done this last year.

The post for the revision can be found here.

My intention was to bring the Tales idea into line with what I've been working on for "The Law", perhaps shifting the Tales brand to encompass each of the subsettings that I'm hoping to in orporate into the Urban Megalopolis/Sprawl (I can't flat out call the setting "The Sprawl" be ause there's another game already doing well under that name...despite the number of people who tread on my toes by calling their games "FUBAR"...but that's another rant entirely).

I guess the whole point of this post is that I'm considering a simple, open source system reference document for The Law and it's associated game lines. This means I've been pulling apart the elements of the game based on the play sessions I've run and the feedback I've received from other people. This system reference should boild down to no more than a pocketmod explaining the framework for characters, a pocketmod explaining the core systems of play, another explaining magic and paranormal powers, one for describing how the overall structure of a play session works, and maybe one or two others to cover things I haven't considered. "Tales" seemed like a nice generic title for this project, but it's a generic title that I've gravitated towards for a while, and have obviously used too often already.

Time to move on, and find a new name for a generic game system.
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