05 September, 2017

#DIY30 #5

5. What sort of abilities would a Bug Knight class give to a character?

The bug knights of Lower G'harne were always assumed to be homogenous group, instantly recognisable by their glistening, chitinous, black armour. Among the bug knights, and those who often worked with them, this was known to be untrue. The variety among the knights is as varied as the myriad number of bugs in existence, each knight sharing an almost totemic link to one particular invertebrate, sharing traits with the creature, growing stronger over time, as their appearance gradually takes on characteristics of the bug whose traits they share.

The Ant Knights are most common, often manifesting massive strength, hardened skin, and a subliminal hive mind among others of their type.

The Beetle Knights are often the largest, and typically manifest traits like a capacity to dig elaborate tunnels (or even dig through solid stone), eat the most outlandish things, and resist all forms of mind control.

The Butterfly Knights are the most obviously different, wearing brightly coloured capes, and manifesting traits like flight, quickness, and some say empathic projection.

The Wasp Knights are known for their viciousness and bloody-mindedness, like the butterflies they often manifest flight, like ants they often manifest a subliminal hive mind, unlike both of those they sometimes secrete toxins through their glands.

There are countless other forms of bug knight, but some of the more noteworthy types include the Water Skimmers, the Ticks, and the Tardigrades, each of whom count legendary heroes among their ranks. 

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