02 September, 2017

#DIY30 #2

2. What's a campaign you would love to play in, but nobody is running it?

So many campaign ideas, so few people who want to run games in this part of the world. Once we put aside the idea that I'd just like to play in a good campaign that isn't simply a GM being railroady in their personally designed dollhouse of a game world where we aren't allowed to touch things in case we break them...

Then we can also probably put aside those campaigns that I know are being run, just because I regularly see posts indicating that they are... such campaigns would include +John Harper's Blades in the Dark, Warhammer Fantasy, a few of the Warhammer 40k RPGs, +Steve Dee's Relics (maybe it's not being run regularly, but I'd still like to be more active in it)...

...the new version of Necromunda is coming out soon. So, maybe adapting one of those 40k rule sets to play a Blades in the Dark styled game in the Underhive...or maybe simply changing up the Blades in the Dark game engine to accomodate heists in the Underhive.

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