16 September, 2017

#DIY30 #16

16. Make an equipment list for a post apoc setting, using only things in 1 room of your home. Garage and kitchen are easy mode.

If kitchen and garage are easy mode, then my art studio is super easy mode.Even if we're going with items that aren't powered by mains electricity.

  • Assorted tapes (duct tape, masking tape, electrical tape, sticky tape, double sided tape, plumbing tape)
  • Assorted knives (scalpels, snap-off blades, 3 different swiss army knives, guillotine)

  • Glues (two dozen tubes of super glue, a litre or so of white PVA/woodworking glue, an unopened bliste pack of Epoxy resin, a dozen glue sticks)
  • Lights (two overhead battery powered lights, one solar charged lantern, a battery powered lit magnifying glass)
  • Which brings me to magnifying glasses (in addition to the one mentioned, two on stands, and one hand held)
  • Notepads and journals (too many to count)
  • Two paper maps of local area
  • A dozen recyclable shopping bags
  • Assorted wire in various guages (and fishing line)
  • Dozens of small containers for carrying assorted bits and pieces
  • Assorted batteries and a solar powered battery charger
  • Battery powered radio
  • Maybe 4 square metres of leather remnants
  • Complete leatherworking toolkit (including punches, mallets, cutting tools, dyes, sponges, thonging, and swivel cutter)
  • Paint in numerous shades and mediums
  • Markers, pens and pencils
  • Lighter (with a can of butane to refill it, and a pocket welder that can also be refilled with the butane)
  • Canvas sheets
  • Bottles (some filled with water, some filled with turps, methylated spirits and acetone, others empty)
  • Assorted metal and PVC tubing
  • Assorted lengths of wood
  • Ten ferrets
  • A dog

If I didn't know better, I'd think I was a prepper.
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