08 July, 2014


There are a few important things to remember when you have pet ferrets. One of these is to be careful where you walk, and another is to avoid leaving valuable things in easily accessible locations. 

I'm typing this up from my iPad at the moment, because the laptop was in an easily accessible location on the floor of the bedroom. After spending a few hours yesterday painting some miniatures, I returned to the bedroom to find a neatly deposited pile of ferret poop just above the keyboard. I couldn't see the typically accompanying yellow pool of liquid, but after cleaning off the poop my keyboard will not type half of it's letters (mostly concentrated near the poop, but random letters across the entire keyboard seem to be affected).

This means that our regularly scheduled geomorph series will have to wait for a thorough keyboard drying, cleaning and reassembly...hopefully the laptop isn't completely FUBAR.
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