15 July, 2014

A Fox's Guide to Figure Painting (Part 11)

One of the great things about miniature painting is the fact that it's a modular hobby. That's one of the things that has kept Games Workshop in business for decades, and numerous other companies over the years.

The Reaper Bones "Vampire Level" Kickstarter set had a great assortment of all different figures, including high-tech sci-fi figures, fantasy stuff, creatures, and plenty of figures that I wouldn't normally have a use for. A notable one of these looks like a "Warforged", I can't think of any games I play that use characters like this, and it vaguely looks like it could work in a sci-fi setting. Perhaps after watching "The Wolverine" recently, I've been inclined to paint a robot with a flaming sword. 

I figured that the team I've painted up could do with a heavy infantry, so this "warforged" could work as a heavy cyborg for the team. 

Generally painting up the figure according to the same colour scheme (white/blue blended armour, bronze/gold accents), and painting the tip of the sword with a gradation of metal to red to yellow (with white drybrushed outlines) to give the impression of a heated metal tip for extra damage. 

I'll dig through a few more of the figures to see if anything else might make an interesting addition to the team, but the next thing I'll be working on is the team bases.

(The cannon in the background of this image is entirely unrelated to the team).
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