12 July, 2014

A Fox's Guide to Figure Painting (Part 7)

Now that I've reached a point that I'm satisfied with for the armour, it's time to play with the secondary colour that dominates the weapons and provides accents to the existing armour pieces.

Using the same ideas behind the armour, I have begun with a dark shade (brown earth), and now I mix in shades of a copper metallic paint. Heavy drybrushing ensures all of the weapons are coated in this shade except for the deepest crevices and shadows. A second, lighter drybrush is done with the straight metallic copper colour, and while I'm playing with the straight copper I add some bands across  the figures' boots, wrists, elbows, and outline certain panels on the armour. 

This pulls the weapons and armour into a closer synergy. The various parts of the figure feel like a whole, rather than disparate elements.

I'm finally getting some ideas about how the base should look, and I start this by reflecting the metallic shades of the weaponry. A brown earth base tone is applied, I think this also highlights the intended "whiteness" of the armour.
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