A Fox's Guide to Terrain Building (Part 1)

Alright, so we've worked our way through a painting tutorial (almost). There is a lot more to the hobby of miniature wargaming than simply painting up figures and moving them around a table with the assistance of some rules and dice rolls.

One of my favourite aspects of the hobby is developing terrain.

I've had an idea for my peacekeeper force, it's basically a carry case for the unit of troops, and a field base of operations to go on a table. I've started drawing up a few sketches to get my mind heading in the right direction for the project. 

The piece is based on the concept of the rapid deployment emergency shelter developed by Daiwa.

Then I've applied a few retractable solar panels, and it will be painted up in a manner to match the troops in this unit.

This tutorial series will go through my development process for the build, and a bit of my theory regarding wargaming terrain.


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