They're Ugly, but they're Available

The first batch of Walkabout Pocketmods are now available.

They haven't been made pretty, they're just raw things that can be used as playtesting aids for anyone who might be interested in putting the game through its paces before I take it further.

The current set consist of a basic players guide, a basic GM/Oracle's guide and a trio of play booklets (one for characters/wayfarers, one for the settlements that wayfarers encounter, and one for spirits).

They can be found here

Shortly, I'll be adding a few more to this collection (a play booklet for survivors, and a booklet of flowcharts to explain the game mechanisms in a more visual manner).

There will be a few starter booklets with some wayfarers, survivors, spirits and settlements. Also a few full page scenario charts and note sheets to get a few game ideas under way.

Then I'll be adding booklets to describe the people, the edges and the dances (enough to create wayfarers and survivors for the game)...and then booklets to describe the manifestations, the affinities and the agendas (everything you need to create spirits).

Once I know everything is working well, I'll make them pretty.


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