Early Game Chef Thoughts

Time may be linear, we may perceive ourselves to be caught in an existence trap with only asingle direction forward and the memories of the past behind us, but  are we simply blind to more possibilities.

This is a game about mages, super heroes, mutants, taoists who have reached alchemical enlightenment. They exist beyond the timestream, and through their power they can change much of reality...not all of it, but enough to either keep things running smoothly, or enough to cause problems for their enemies.

(head with "snowflake"/"fractal thougts") Some have the ability to change the way people think about things, they can implant seeds of thought in people's minds, or transform memories.

(apple with worm) Some have the power to transform the material existence around them, creating life with a thought, perthaps even manipulating at a molecular, atomic or quantum level.

(silhouette with lantern) Some can change the appearances of things, hiding truths or exposing illusions to push realitytoward their desred intentions.

I'm thinking that the game will focus around fixed moments in time. These are events that must occur. Such moments on their own may be historically significant, or they may be negligible; but as a string of moments, they make an implied narrative.

The catch is to lead from one moment to the next in a way that changes the context of the new moment. Initially, the moment states that a vile dictator is killed...but one character changes the thoughts of that dictator toward a more benevolent method...he still get's killed...another character substitutes a body double for the dictator and thus history still shows the death of the dictator, but the true figure is whisked away into hiding.

These are nebulous thoughts at the moment...I'll probably ponder more while I'm at work today.


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