And now for a viewing of the amended Location Tiles


Generally comments on the location tiles have been positive. But much of the critique has focused on the way the centre of the tile is obscured by the ghosted hexagon.

I'd love to put the relevant game play information around the outside edges of the location tile, but I'm not sure how good the cutting tolerances are when these parts are produced. I'd much rather have the background image obscured in some way rather than have useful play information cut away from the piece.

I've also been toying with the way the locations play into the wider game.

Now, if a location is troubled by an unresolved mission, all missions across the town are impacted by the modifier on the location. It gives the variation in locations variation a bigger impact on play this way.

The keywords on the locations already interact with mischief cards, so it seems an unnecessary complication to add localised effects for specific locations as well as global effects that modify the resolution of missions.


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