Heroine Follow Up

I've been thinking a bit more about the Review of Heroine.

In these follow up thoughts, I would have designed things a bit differently; especially when it comes to the companions. In the genre fiction where this game plays, everyone has a story to tell. The heroine is often a catalyst just as much as she is a focus of growth. The Tin Man learns thats his lack of a heart doesn't stop him from feeling, Hoggle learns to think for himself outside the orders of the goblin king...

Each companion is good at something, but each also has a void that can only be filled by the actions of the Heroine.

I think if I were to run this game, I'd institute a house rule where each of the companions has a strength and weakness like this. Perhaps using the strength to support the heroine in a conflict has no cost, while all other forms of assistance still maintain the associated token costs. Perhaps the companion gains extra tokens when their weakness causes them to get into trouble. The heroine would get closer to a satisfying story conclusion from discovering the weaknesses and helping to overcome them.

I don't know if the original designs of the game considered something like this, or if how these changes would alter the balance of play...it's just a follow up thought.


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