Setting the tone

If time is like a river, flowing from one point to another inevitably from the start of creation to the end, then everything in reality is just flotsam and jetsam caught in the current. Every element of reality swirls into contact with other elements at one moment, perhaps remaining linked for the briefest of nanoseconds, or maybe attached for endless millennia, but eventually a time comes when the currents of time whisked elements away from one another. Somewhere between order and chaos, reality shifts according to the flow of time, the only inviolate constant.

Except there are those of us who violate even time itself. We plunge into the flowing currents of the time-stream when it suits our convenience, or when ordered by the voices beyond the void; we make changes, corrections, improvements. Yet we must never make connections to those stuck within the temporal currents, lest we get caught in its swirling eddies and entropies.

Existing outside the time-stream we are able to view reality in it’s entirely. Yet many of us choose to focus out attentions on the specific journey of a single individual, a location we deem significant, or perhaps expand our perceptions to the entirety of existence at a single moment. We are the guardians of existence, we ensure causality and sense in a world prone to chaos. Some might consider us gods, perhaps the authors of destiny, others might call us saints, angels, demons, bodhisattvas or asuras.

We’re here to help…we just might not be here to help you.

The general mechanisms I've thought of so far are still relevant, the notion of "correcting plot holes in reality" is the essence of this game. But now we have elements where character could gain an edge if they wish to create connections to the elements of reality they are manipulating...but doing so comes at a risk. Those connections could pull them under like a rip-tide.

Optional results on the "And" dice could resolve story-lines and allow characters to break free from specific bonds (to people/places/objects/concepts), while optional results on the "But" dice might create new bonds, or might cause complications to characters based on their existing bonds. Characters would also have the choice to deliberately add new bonds in exchange for bonus dice.


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