FUBAR physical copy

I tick ever closer to 4000 downloads for my game FUBAR (many on RPGNow, plenty on 1km1kt, a decent number through my own website when it was active).

With that many ephemeral copies of the game floating around, I would have expected more responses from players across the world. I've had a few, but not many. I can only imagine that a lot of people have looked at it and have said "Nice, but this is a monster to print out". So it's sat on their computers, maybe used as inspiration for ideas to integrate into other games.

Perhaps it needs a physical copy to make the transition from "interesting but academic text" to "awesome gaming action".

But I certainly can't afford a print run at the moment, especially not the print run FUBAR deserves.

So, I'm thinking of taking the crowdfunding route.

Anyone interested?


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