Planet Psychon Acidpunk Edition

I need to start following Chris Tamm's Blog. He's a local (or at least another Aussie... he seems to alternate between Sydney and Adelaide), and he's doing the kind of stuff that I actually appreciate in the OSR.

Here's a link to a project he's been working on, in collaboration with a range of other folks.

It is Planet Psychon. It pushes boundaries, it provides ideas, it seems to work brilliantly with a bunch of ideas I've been having for my Dark Places setting. Actually, I think some of my ideas and some of his ideas have mingled in various facebook groups and other forums across the net, talking at cross purposes but feeding off one another none-the-less.

A lot of the ideas in this book have instantly inspired me, they aren't exactly the way I'd handle things, but nothing ever is. That's all a part of gaming, translating the source material to your specific table... It's a part of all art, translating the artist's message into something that means something to you.

I'm going to certainly add this book to the Dark Places inspiration list as I pore over it and pick it to pieces. I'll get back to you all shortly with a more structured critique.


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