200 Word RPG 2018: Immortal Neon Katana

Only one will remain. Don’t lose your head.

Total Tokens = 5 x Players.

Immortals have Combat and Cunning. One is d6, the other d8.

Youngest goes first.

Choose someone to describe the scene, and another to narrate your challenge. Challenge narrator may take up to 5 tokens to determine the difficulty. If pool empty, duel someone.

      * = d4
      ** = d6
      *** = d8
      ****  = d10
      ***** = d12

Player describes their Immortal facing the challenge, then rolls relevant die.

Immortal >= Challenge. Player gains all difficulty tokens.

Challenge > Immortal. Challenge narrator claims a token, others returned to pool. The player’s die used is decreased by a degree.
If combat < d4; Immortal dies.
If cunning < d4; Immortal goes insane and must be duelled before a winner declared.
Once you have tokens you may spend them to:
Regain a decreased attribute (1 point per increase, up to starting score).
Roll an extra die (cost as challenge dice).
If rolling two dice, use higher die result.

Immortal Duel = sudden death. Winner increases their Combat or Cunning die by 1. Loser dies. Divide loser’s tokens in half (you keep half, round up; remainder back to pool).


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