200 word marking rubric

I'll get stuck into the entries, probably this afternoon (my time), so I might post the first batch tonight. Apparently there were 700 entries last year, and I'm told that there are mean to be twice as many this year, so it's going to be a hell of a ride. Even if those reported numbers are wrong, it's still going to take a while to get through the lot.

Here's my marking criteria

A premise for play
0: Nothing.
1: This entrant is a bunch of mechanism, or even just one a single mechanism.
2: This entrant give a couple of vague hints, and requires quite a bit of outside work.
3: This entrant is about something, maybe something narrow and needs fleshing out.
4: This entrant is rich in atmosphere and motivation for players.

Some kind of rules
0: Nothing.
1: This entrant has some hints toward a system or method of play.
2: This entrant is based on a basic and crude single idea, generally functional but limiting in what it does.
3: There is a bit of depth to these rules, and they seem to facilitate other ideas within the work.
4: This is a truly elegant piece of design, facilitating play but not distracting from it.

A way for players to define their characters
0: Nothing
1: This entrant has a single, simple element that defines characters at the start of play, and nothing to really expand upon them during play.
2: This entrant allows a degree of personalisation of characters at the start of play or during the course of a session.
3: This entrant allows a bit of personalisation of characters at the start of play and during the course of a session.
4: This entrant allows for rich characterisation at the start of play and during the course of a session.

An agenda for players to work towards through their characters
0: Nothing
1: This entrant has a vague goal, not clearly explained and needing input from players who know what they’re doing.
2: This entrant seems to aim toward something, but it will require a lot of work from the players to get there.
3: This entrant has a distinct end point, but that end point really doesn't vary, and is unrelated to what the players or characters are doing.
4: This entrant provides a complete narrative journey for the players and characters.

Style and overall coherence
0: This entrant shows nothing particularly new or innovative, and doesn’t seem to have an overall coherence to it.
1: This entrant seems to be composed of elements aiming toward something, and it draws my interest as a novelty but not much else.
2: This entrant, regardless of anything else about it, has something interesting but feels like it needs more.
3: This entrant almost feels like a good solid game (or piece of art), or could be with a few more words or refinements.
4: This entrant is a well-crafted and clever game or piece of art. It feels complete.


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