200 Word RPG 2018: Lost Souls

(I'm not as sure about this one, but it was in my head and I had to get it out. I'm stumped on the last two questions for the second round... they need to be somehow related to the resolution of the lost soul's desire, but trying to get the feeling and the wording right with 11 words left is proving problematic. Maybe it's time to start editing words out of other sections when and where I can.)

Lost Souls
Requires: Masking tape, marker, stopwatch

All players sit in a circle and take turns, going clockwise.
On each players first turn, the player to the right is “Death” they hold the stopwatch. The player to the left (and sequentially each player around the circle) is asked a question. 

The active player notes the answers.  
    Who is this lost soul?
    How did they die?
    What was their desire?
    What stopped them getting it?
When they stop, Death writes the time taken on the tape, an attaches it to the player’s forehead so everyone but them can see the time indicated.  

Once the circle has been completed, each player begins a second round of questions begins, this time answering questions posed by the other players in turn.  
    Who mourns your lost soul?
    How can they resolve the souls’s desire?

If the player takes longer than the time indicated on their forehead, they are unable to help the lost soul who now wanders endlessly.

The player who’s second round time is closest to their first round time saves their lost soul, by resolving their desire. Other lost souls fade away into oblivion. 


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