Combining elements and stirring the pot

Planet Psychon, Sanity Drives, The Dark Places, R-Souls The SNAFU System.

Many ideas, they all have the capability of being combined into a gumbo of metaphysical surrealism. They feel like multiple people working on something similar, but coming at it from different angles. The SNAFU System is just the way I'd combine them into a meaningful whole.

Conceptual angels and demons, reality on the brink, metaphysical insanity, interconnected realities, unfathomable entities beyond the comprehension of the sane, magic that draws on potentials that cannot be explained by science.

But what's it all about?

Arguably, it looks like this project will work better if it remains a collections of hooks and unfinished fragments to allow players to connect it all together in their own way as they play.


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