31 August, 2017

RPGaDay2017 #30

I had three posts here on the blog yesterday, so I decided to hold off on the RPGaDay posts. Today I'll play catch up with the last two questions...

What RPG genre-mashup would you most like to see?

Let's see...

Motorcycles and Samurai... already done. Thanks +N. Phillip Cole.

World War 2 and Superheroes... already done. Thanks +Greg Stolze and +Dennis Detwiller

Theoretically, I could cover any genre mash-up with GURPS, or Rifts, or Pathfinder/Starfinder, but that's not really the point of this question is it?

I do really want to see the mash-up of Mad Max with Cthulhu/Spiritual-Fantasy, but that means finishing off my own game "Walkabout".


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