02 August, 2017

Now on sale: The Law

Last night, I managed to upload "The Law" to my DrivethruRPG/RPGNow shopfront.

I was thankfully alerted to the fact that there were a whole heap of spelling errors on the page, due to the "p" key on my rapidly aging keyboard not working half of the time...but that's all fixed now.

I'll probably update the shopfront page with a few more images and a couple of more interesting elements of text, but for the moment it's done it's job. While I was sleeping, a copy of the game sold, and now I can purchase the "Dr Who Humble Bundle" that I referred to in yesterday's RPGADay question.

Stupidly, in my enthusiasm last night, I started working on the Dispatch Guide for the game (which, for those who haven't been following, is basically the GMs guide). The first ten pages of that basically came from the fact that I wanted to keep the whole game tightly focused as a highly illustrated 32 page "game comic"...which meant there were things I needed to cull from the rules. Most of the things culled were bits of advice that I thought would be useful for people who decided to run the game, hence using them as a basis for the second game comic.

At the moment, the gameplay feels like it works (both logically in my head, and practically in my playtest sessions), but I hope that a lot of this isn't just due to ideas in my head rather than ideas on the page. I guess this is the point where the game will hit reality without me as an intermediary, and we'll really see if it flies. The proofreaders who looked over it for me seem to think it makes sense, and I wouldn't have put it out there if I wasn't moderately confident about it.

Anyway, it's live now. If you want to support me doing more stuff like this, go and buy a copy.
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