17 August, 2017

RPGaDay2017 #17

Which RPG have you owned the longest but not played?

Even if I haven't played a specific game, I think I've mined almost everything on my shelves for soe kind of inspiration at least once...

...but I'm sure I'm probably missing something.
Hmm...hang on a sec. Let me go over to my shelves and take a look.

[A few minutes pass]

Let's see... there's a first edition Wraith (dated 1994), with a second edition beside it and a bunch of sourcebooks that I never got around to playing, but they were certainly mined for ideas in other campaigns I've run, even if those ideas only saw influence in minor parts of a fantasy campaign or as crossover elements in a Vampire-Sabbat/Werewolf/Mage chronicle.

There's an original AD&D book (1978), but I think I actually picked that up more recently when a housemate moved away and left the book behind. And I have both played a version of D&D, and played an OSR-styled game, so I can't in good conscience say that I haven't played this.

Oh...there's a winner.

I got this in high school back in 92-93, thinking I'd play it because myself and a few friends had played a couple of games of Iron Crown Enterprises' MERP, and one of those friends had decided to buy Rolemaster as a more advanced game. We talked about doing something sci-fi, so we chipped in together and bought a copy of Space Master. Then we actually played two or three games of Rolemaster and figured it was cool in some ways but really unwieldy. Ever since then, Spacemaster has sat on the shelf knowing full well that I'll probably never find the right group to run it.

It mostly sits on the shelf for nostalgia value.
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