25 August, 2017

I've found a use for those Pictures

The black and white photo manipulations I've been working on have started being inserted into the Dispatch Guide for The Law, but they've also seen an immediate second use.

They'll form the basis of the first run of NPC and Equipment cards for the game.

I just posted this on G+ (so, sorry if you're seeing it twice)...

The first eight image layouts for the NPC cards... I've just looked through the first 24 of them and have noticed something slightly imbalanced. 22 of the 24 present as female (whether they are female gendered, or of fluid identity but leaning toward female identification doesn't matter), and the remaining 2 are obscured enough in their depictions that they are effectively androgynous. Not a single male presenting identity among them.

While I think that's an interesting coincidence (it certainly wasn't deliberate), I don't want The Law to simply turn into a game about beating up and imprisoning women (and those who identify as such). Time to address the balance.

I'll be generating up 52 equipment cards, as well as 52 NPC cards, in an initial run. These will go with the 52 card deck of status cards which currently sits in the design pipeline over at DrivethruRPG/RPGNow. None of these are mandatory for playing the game, they're all just designed to make things a bit easier for those who do decide to use them. In a couple of months, when I've got a few of these resources available, I'll probably bundle them together as a "complete starter kit".


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