09 August, 2017

Dispatch Guide

Enthusiasm from the early sales of The Law has meant I've started working on the Dispatch Guide. Perhaps a bit more than just started... I'm up to 24 pages written and laid out, out of a total of 32 for the book.

So far I've written tips for how a game could be run, provided ideas for how to keep things interesting, and provided tools to create new items and equipment for the game. Next I'll be focusing on random encounters and relationship maps to fill out the methods of adding depth to the setting during the course of play.

The whole thing is basically drawn from the way I've been running games at conventions for the last few years, because regardless of this system, there are certain things that seem to consistently work, and certain things that I've learnt to avoid. I'm hoping that my method of putting them into words makes sense to other people.

On a similar note, hard copies of the main rules should be available soon.
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