19 March, 2014

The Ten worst things about Apocalypse World

I seem to be the only one in forums who casts a critical eye on certain "Indie darlings"...maybe I'm just someone who likes to tip over sacred-cows in the middle of the night...maybe I've just got a thing about sacred cows at the moment.  It's not that I don't appreciate what these games are trying to do, it's not that I think they're rubbish; it's just that I think people should get over them...they aren't the be-all and end all of gaming existence for the whole world. They don't need to be hacked, re-hacked, appended to other settings, praised for their incredible versatility (even though they may have been only designed to do one thing well). I just think that people get lazy when they see something cool, the same could be just as easily directed at "FATE", "Burning Wheel"...pretty much any of the games that have had half of the posts on the front page of Story Games dedicated to them at one time or another.

People need to stop hacking, and start designing.

Hacking is just lazy cut-and-paste.

(No, I'm not going to go through 10 things that I really hate about Apocalypse World...this was just my attempt at a "Click-bait" style of heading, just to see if it worked.)
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