08 March, 2014

Cards or Booklets

For Voidstone Chronicles, the majority of the rules are contained in a series of pocketmod booklets.

Players also get a small range of cards for easy reference to their equipment, their conflict actions (attacks, defences, spells, prayers, etc.)

At the moment this means there are a LOT of cards, and most players won't get to see even a quarter of the available options. I'm wondering if it will be easier to compile this information into booklets, or leave them as cards. If I was to take the booklet option, there might be a "Book or Imperial Weapons", a "Book of Armour", a "Book" for different cults and religions containing the relevant prayers, a "Book" detailing the spells available to a certain school...etc.

The idea is to make it accessible for players, but maybe this is just confusing things.

That's my rant for the moment.
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