30 March, 2014

Real Oriental Adventures

I've long been a fan of Asian inspired settings, I've written a few games with Asian inspired setting myself. But it's great to see someone from this part of the world giving us the lowdown on how these settings should be done right.

Alexander Osias over at Hari Ragat Games has started a series of blog posts about Building South-East Asian Settings, and I hope this post is the first in a long series. [EDIT: It's actually Dariel Quiogue at Hari Ragat Games...Alexander just shared the link]

The first post is pretty comprehensive and a great grounding point for the concept.

Good work, Alex Dariel.

(P.S. To answer the opening question in the post...the reason I haven't written more South-East Asian inspired gaming material is because of all the people screaming "cultural appropriation" in recent years.)
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