26 March, 2014

An Idea that needs an Application

I was driving the car today and an idea struck me...I have no idea what to do with it, or how best to implement it. So I'm throwing it out there as a concept that anyone can take.

The basic concept is that a player has a hand of cards, they play a card from their own hand and the GM draws a random card from their hand. If two characters are going up against one another, each player draws a single card from their hand, and then draws a random card from the remaining hand of their opponent.

What happens now?

I'm not sure, it's just a kernel of an idea.

Maybe a player compares the cards in some way. An action might have a difficulty, and the player needs to select a higher card to beat that difficulty...if the random card is higher still, they get an extra degree of success on their action...or maybe, if the random card is higher, they get a success but don't have to sacrifice something in the process.

At this stage, it's just something else to throw in the toolkit when I need to work on another game.

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