30 November, 2012

NaGa DeMon: Epilogue

Well, it's two hours until the end of the month for me.

I've written a game. It wasn't quite the game I intended to write, but it links in with the ideas that have been floating around in my head for the past year. I've played the game a few times, I've talked about it, I've heard feedback reports from other people who've played the game and I've modified the game according to the experiences it has provided so far.

This blog has seen increased traffic over the course of the month.

The degree of increased exposure almost makes me think that there should be a NaGa DeMon every month.

I'm pretty fired up about way to present the game, whether that comes in the form of downloadable pocketmod playbooks, or pre-printed dry-erase pocketmod playbooks that could be used over and over. The containers for such things, possible custom USB sticks containing the pdfs necessary to play, or some kind of tin to house the physical components of the game.

I'm thinking about miniature manufacturers to get in contact with for the game's figurines, printing companies to produce dry-erase hard copies, local artisans who might be able to decorate the boxes in interesting ways (or create custom bags to hold them).

And I'm not only excited about my own game, I'm also fascinated to see where other participants will end up taking their projects. I'd like to highlight a few of these over the next couple of days.

I think that overall it's been a fun experience and a great community building exercise for game designers around the world.

To those who followed me along for the design journey, thanks for the support and feedback...hell thanks for just watching, the increased number of pageviews was a good motivator in itself. There's a bit more work to do, but I'm pretty sure I'm on the right track...now to start sourcing some illustration commissions.
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